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The induction heating machine of the quenched and tempered production line series is suitable for induction quenched and tempered treatment of various long shaft parts, replacing the traditional well-type furnace and trolley-type furnace. Long bar quenching and tempering production line series induction heating machine tool adopts PLC control system to realize automatic feeding, heating, water spray cooling, high temperature tempering, and automatic feeding of workpieces.


1. With automatic loading and unloading functions.

2. The heating has a multi-stage heating function to ensure the uniformity of the heating temperature. At the same time, there is a temperature measuring instrument to measure the heating temperature of the bar in real time before the workpiece is cooled and after the tempering.

3. Quenching power, tempering power, quenching temperature, tempering temperature, and workpiece feed speed are automatically controlled by the system, which can provide temperature closed-loop control function.

4. The heating power, power supply, current, frequency, tempering power, tempering power supply voltage, current, frequency, heating feed rate, quenching temperature, tempering temperature and other parameters are set and recorded by the system, and the processing parameters can be traced.

5. High-strength welding bed, stable after aging treatment.

6. Workpiece rotating and moving motor: variable frequency speed regulation.

7, sensor replacement: manual water and electricity quick change.

8. The coil adopts variable pitch design, which is highly efficient and energy saving.

9. The power supply and heating furnace have water pressure protection, water flow protection, water temperature protection, air pressure protection, and photoelectric safety protection.

10. Control box: control cabinet integrated control box.

11. Alarm: sound / light failure alarm, control interface displays alarm information and records.

12. Sensor and sprinkler cooling interface: using stainless steel / brass quick-change connector.

13. The machine tool control system can monitor and record various processing parameters, with functions such as historical query, online monitoring, and output printing.

14. The automatic loading and unloading mechanism is used to realize the automatic tempering operation of the equipment.

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