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Melting is a metallurgical process in which metal materials and other auxiliary materials are put into a heating furnace to melt, and certain physical and chemical changes occur in the furnace.

Induction heating for smelting has the characteristics of high efficiency, high power factor, good controllability, automation, and safe operation.

Induction heating smelting is that when the alternating current is passed in the induction coil, the charge in the furnace can be heated and melted, and the liquid metal is reheated to the required temperature.

Induction heating aluminum melting furnace is an advanced high-efficiency energy-saving smelting equipment. Smelting using the principle of electromagnetic field eddy current has greatly improved the electrical efficiency. It is a sign of industrialization in China in recent years. With the advancement of induction heating technology, the melting has become simple and reliable .

Application range of induction heating power smelting: smelting of gold, silver, copper, aluminum, semiconductor materials, etc.

Selection of induction heating power melting frequency: The frequency selection mainly depends on the capacity of the equipment furnace. If the capacity is small, the frequency is high, and if the capacity is large, the frequency is low.

Induction heating power source melting power selection: The power of the melting equipment depends on the crucible capacity and melting rate.

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