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 fields of welding preheating. Because pipe preheating has a series of special processes, installation and environmental requirements, special induction heating products for pipe preheating came into being.

From the application environment classification, pipeline preheating equipment can be divided into field application type and factory application type. Field application type is generally used in the field construction, with complex environment, low temperature, unstable power supply, unable to use cooling water, mobile and transportation Convenient, fast heating and many other requirements.

Kechuang Electronics has developed this kind of induction heating equipment, including a series of products including full air cooling temperature control type induction heating power supply, sensors suitable for various working conditions, soft connection components, connectors and so on. Over the past ten years, these products have been successfully applied in oilfield and pipeline transportation projects.


1. Full air cooling system, the sensor is also air cooled, the system does not require water, suitable for field conditions, no water blockage and winter water freezing problems

2.Small volume integrated structure, sturdy and dust-proof design, suitable for harsh working environment in the field, 80kW power size is only 560mm wide, 770 high and 700 deep

3. Installation, connection and operation can be completed quickly to meet the urgent construction period requirements on site

4. High efficiency and fast heating, with very low loss of power supply and inductor

5. Customize a variety of tooling sensors according to the workpiece and process requirements, including: opening and closing sensors, frame sensors, variable radius frame radian sensors, belt sensors, flat plate sensors, flexible heating cables, etc.

6. On-line detection and protection of insulation resistance, online display of insulation resistance value (such as 8.2M ohms), protection can be performed when the insulation resistance of the induction cable or extension cable decreases, which is a safety guarantee under complex working conditions on site

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