Copper pipe welding
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Welding preheating and postheating are an important application area of induction heating. After preheating steel, welding can reduce stress, improve welding strength, and prevent cracking. Postheating is used for hydrogen elimination, annealing, tempering, normalizing and other processes.

Induction heating is used for pre-heating and post-heating of welding. It has the characteristics of good controllability, complex technological procedures, non-contact heating, wide application range, high efficiency and energy saving, high energy density, and online heating.

The “DSP + IGBT + reactance analysis method” of science and technology is a full air-cooled temperature-controlled induction heating power supply, which is especially suitable for the pre-heating and post-heating of welding with high requirements.


1. 'DSP + IGBT + reactance analysis method' full air-cooled digital power supply;

2. Six-point temperature control, process program operation, temperature curve record;

3. Wear-resistant air-cooled extension cable (soft connection sensor), low loss, unlimited connection length;

4. Thermal insulation technology to prevent sagging gaps;

5. Enhanced process program operation module, timing time unit and temperature change rate time unit can be set to hour / minute / second respectively, the curve connection is more stable.

6. Multi-point temperature difference control, alarm, automatic insulation operation to reduce temperature difference.

7. The operator can only select the program and operation, and the preparation of the program is completed by the craftsman;

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