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Compared with flame or other brazing methods, induction brazing has many advantages:

1. High energy density, fast heating speed, greatly improve production efficiency.

2. Green environmental protection and safety, can work in vacuum or gas protection environment.

3. For the motor winding, the insulation is not damaged.

4. Easy to automate.

At the same time, the brazing process also requires portable, high power density, and wide matching ranges for induction brazing power sources. Kechuang's portable induction heating power supply is most suitable for induction brazing. It has a series of portable generators with a power coverage of 1-360KW and a 40KW handheld generator weighing only 3Kg. Its fast temperature control, energy control, and fast cycle operation are particularly suitable For brazing. These products are mainly used in major motor factories, transformer factories, rail electric locomotives, air-conditioning refrigerator compressors and other industries, and have been used in Three Gorges hydroelectric generators, turbo-generators, wind power generation and other projects.

Power supply + automatic temperature control + mobile rail that can be calibrated + chiller + tooling equipment;

'DSP + IGBT + reactance analysis method' full air-cooled digital power supply;

High-frequency 100KHz portable power supply;

Even if the position of the sensor changes, the production cycle does not change and the temperature does not change;

Very low defective rate;

The portable generator adopts wear-resistant air-cooled soft connection to the host, and the connection length is unlimited;

Portable generator and sensor water flow detection and protection;

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