The operation of high-frequency induction heating equipment is divided into these simple ones




What is the working principle of high-frequency induction heating equipment? It uses its large current to send a high frequency to the heating induction coil that is wound into a ring shape or a desired shape. High frequency induction is usually made of a copper hollow tube.

What are the main uses of high-frequency induction heating equipment? Metal heat treatment, metal quenching, metal annealing, metal tempering, metal heat penetration, metal brazing, silver welding, brazing, metal thermal type, metal melting, metal embedded plastic Will use high-frequency induction heating equipment. The staff of Zhengzhou Xingchuan Induction Technology Co., Ltd. will introduce the operating steps of high-frequency induction heating equipment:

1) Water flow: Start the pump and observe whether the water flow at the water outlet is normal.

2) Power on: close the knife first, then turn on the air switch on the back of the machine, and then turn on the power switch on the control board.

3) Setting: Select the operation mode (full-auto, semi-auto, manual and foot control) according to the needs. For automatic and semi-auto control, you need to set the heating time, holding time and cooling time (each time cannot be set to 0, otherwise it will not work properly) Automatic cycling). Before first use and before proficiency, you should choose manual or foot control.

4) Start-up: The heating power potentiometer should be adjusted to the minimum as possible before each start-up, and then slowly adjusted to the required power after start-up. Press the start button to start the machine. At this time, the heating indicator on the panel lights up, and at the same time, there will be a sound of normal work and the synchronous flashing of the work light.

5) Observation and temperature measurement: During the heating process, it is mainly determined visually when to stop heating. Inexperienced operators can use the thermostat to detect the temperature of the workpiece.

6) Stop: When the temperature reaches the requirement, press the stop button to stop heating. Just start again after changing the workpiece.

7) Shutdown: The machine can work continuously for 24 hours. When not in use, the power switch should be turned off. When it is not used for a long time, the gate knife or the air switch behind the machine should be turned off. When shutting down, the power should be turned off before water is turned off, so as to radiate the heat inside the machine and the heat from the induction coil.

Which places in life are applied to high-frequency induction heating equipment? High-frequency induction heating equipment is mainly applicable to industries: high-frequency induction welding, high-frequency induction heat treatment, high-frequency induction metal smelting, etc. Such as: welding of cutting tools such as carbide saw blades, diamond tools, drilling tools, turning tools, planers, milling cutters, reamers, etc .; heat treatment of standard parts, bolts, power tools, hardware tools, hand tools; pliers, wrenches, screwdrivers Tools, hammers, axes, auto parts, crankshafts, connecting rods, piston pins, crank pins, sprocket wheels, camshafts, valves, various rocker arms, rocker arm shafts; various gears, spline shafts, transmissions in transmissions Semi-shaft, various small shafts, various forks and other high-frequency quenching treatment.

The service life of the machine is limited. To extend the life of the machine, we must pay attention to maintenance. High-frequency induction heating machines are also required. When the high-frequency induction heater is used in a place with a poor air environment, dust should be prevented from entering the machine, and water must not be splashed into the machine. To keep the cooling water clean, replace it regularly. Air circulation should be maintained in high temperature environments.

The operation of high-frequency induction heating equipment is divided into these simple ones

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