New features of induction heating equipment




1. The host adopts the main frequency 72M and 168M, 32bit high-speed industrial CPU floating-point arithmetic control system. It has a standardized industrial digital communication interface, integrates the standard modbus (RTU) protocol, and has remote operation control and data acquisition functions.

2. Quadruple closed-loop monitoring and protection of tank voltage, tank current, phase and movement temperature (these data can be displayed and automatically controlled within the set data range). So that the safety and stability of the equipment is perfectly guaranteed.

3. The new machine adopts original German Siemens IGBT inverter, stepless capacitor filtering, and new resonance system. Greatly improve the service life and quality of the host, extending the service life to more than 10 years.

4. Master the calculation method of load impedance matching. It guarantees maximum equipment efficiency and optimized energy saving.

5. You can customize full-bridge, half-bridge, intermediate frequency, super audio, high frequency integrated machine, which means that one machine can have all the above functions. You can also customize any one of the integrated machines according to your needs. Such a machine can adapt to the heating of workpieces with different magnetic permeability, different sizes, and different frequencies required for quenching or heat penetration. Achieve the best matching heating. The input voltage range varies from 220V to 380V, and the machine can also work. Optional constant power and variable frequency output. Buying a machine can be used in many fields and a wide range of heating.

6.CPU intelligent control and accurate calculation of various parts of the machine, modular assembly, to ensure the reasonable design of each part of the machine, the lowest loss, high-power continuous working elements do not heat and so on. In this way, each model can be made fully air-cooled, and can work continuously for 24 hours.

7. Touch screen, button knob, remote control and other triple mode operations. Various technical parameters LCD display, fault alarm indication, alarms for damage to some devices, self-diagnosing fault causes, multi-time control settings, stepless power adjustment. It is more convenient to use and more powerful.

New features of induction heating equipment

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