International Metal & Metallurgy Industry Exhibition




Celebrate the success of our company's participation in the Julang International Metal and Metallurgical Industry Exhibition at the China Import and Export Fair Exhibition Center in Guangzhou Pazhou Our company has attracted a lot of attention at the exhibition with its many products. Agents and reservation customers from all over the world signed a number of cooperation agreements and orders with the company during the exhibition to carry out multi-faceted cooperation. Through this exhibition, everyone has a deeper understanding and understanding of the products of Science and Technology.

科创-国际金属暨冶金工业展览会圆满成功             科创-国际金属暨冶金工业展览会圆满成功

科创-国际金属暨冶金工业展览会圆满成功             科创-国际金属暨冶金工业展览会圆满成功

Since 2008, the company has repeatedly passed the joint review by the Provincial Department of Science and Technology, the Provincial Department of Finance, the Provincial State Administration of Taxation and other units, and has been awarded the National High-tech Enterprise. In 2009, it was approved to set up 'Henan Provincial Induction Heating Power Supply and Control System Engineering Technology Research Center' and 'Zhengzhou Enterprise Technology Center'.

Since its establishment, the company has successively developed hundreds of products that are popular in domestic and foreign markets. In 2016, it introduced smart IGBT power supplies with higher performance, higher accuracy and higher cost performance to better meet the needs of domestic and foreign high-end users demand.

The company has always taken 'more power saving' and 'more reliable' as the direction of product research and development, and has improved the automation, intelligent, and unmanned functions of its products. We will make our products and technologies better create value for you through high-quality service before, during and after sale.

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